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For three generations, OK Produce has carried on the tradition of quality and service. Our values, work ethic, and standards are rooted in the past, but our new brand reflects the personality of our company today. Inspired by the earth and the richness of the Central Valley, our logo represents a new generation and our unwavering commitment to freshness.

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Company History
OK Produce was founded in 1950 by Charlie Matoian, however, the produce history of our family began long before then. The Matoian family came to America from Armenia in the early 1900's. They migrated across America to the San Joaquin valley and started farming. Charlie Matoian started delivering produce in the 1930's with one flat bed truck on a little road to Coalinga. In 1950, Charlie founded OK Produce in a small cold box in downtown Fresno and moved into a larger facility in 1960. In 1986, his son Matty spearheaded yet another expansion here into our current facility, again in downtown Fresno. Matty's sons Chad and Brady now lead OK Produce into the 3rd generation. Our feeling is that OK Produce was founded in downtown Fresno and will remain here for years to come.
ItŐs A-OK!
In addition, we are going to bring back the famous It's OK! hand gesture. Over the years since we were founded, there have been many new hand gestures created. They include the famous peace sign, hang loose, we're #1, I love you and a couple others that are not so positive. Through it all, the It's OK hand gesture remains one of the most recognizable. It's pretty simple, just put the tip of your pointed finger to the tip of your thumb and flare out the other three fingers. What you will find is that this sign can be done by just about everyone young and old and in just about every country of the world, it always has the same meaning. It's OK!!!! So the next time someone cuts you off on the freeway, take a deep breath, fight back the impulse to flash one of your fingers and instead, give the person the OK hand gesture. It will bring a smile to your face and probably theirs too.
At OK Produce, we have our unique OK Way of doing things. We believe in mutual prosperity, respect, honesty, fairness and accountability, and these values shape our everyday practices. From working directly with the farmers to delivering top quality produce, The OK Way fosters superior customer service and quality produce to ensure that you are given the best products on the market.

Mutual Prosperity : Work for the good of all.
Mutual Respect : Value others.
Honesty : Truthfully express concerns and opinions.
Fairness : Treat others as we want to be treated.
Accountability : Carry out work duties, accept challenges and solve problems.
Contact Us
OK Produce
PO Box 12838
Fresno, CA 93779

1888 S. East Ave
Fresno, CA 93721

559.445.8690 fax